Twinkle & Gloom

My work is a celebration of femininity, Tea and Girl Power.

I find inspiration for my pieces in Feminist issues, Dark Comedy, Nostalgia and my lifes loves and hates. Twinkle and Gloom is often about contrasting ideas, light and dark, presenting dark and sometimes morbid ideas through childlike sketchy drawings. Recurring themes include death, feminism, Welsh culture, Witchcraft and Nostalgia. I like to poke affectionate fun at traditions and expectations, for example, my Witches worship Tea, and my Welsh ladies speak in slang. My girls are really just my inner thoughts and jokes to self, coming out to play. My work won’t change the world, but my aim is simply to make people smile, and laugh.

My work is very much connected to my own growth as a woman, ever evolving and reflecting my confidence or lack of.

My biggest influences artisticly are probably The League of Gentlemen , The Smiths and The Spice Girls.

Siop Ogwen

Phone: +441248208485


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