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Elusen Ogwen is a Registered Charity No 1192642

The charity was set up in December 2020 as a means of distributing profits made from the generation of energy by Ynni Ogwen. You can find out more about Ynni Ogwen here.


The charity has six volunteer Trustees, who will initially be serving for periods of either two and three years. The first Trustees are as follows:

  • Lowri Williams (Chair)
  • Nigel Beidas (Treasurer)
  • Brian Jones
  • Elin Iolen Rhys
  • Caren Brown
  • Dafydd Roberts

Downloadable Documents

  • Constitution
  • Grant Making Policy
  • Grants Terms & Conditions
  • Reserves Policy
  • Annual Report

If you have any questions about the charity, please email us at elusenogwen@gmail.com


Constitution (Welsh)

Download file [260 kB]

Constitution (English)

Download file [161 kB]

Grant Making Policy (Welsh)

Download file [211 kB]

Grant Making Policy (English)

Download file [302 kB]

Grant Terms & Conditions

Download file [818 kB]

Reserves Policy (Bilingual)

Download file [725 kB]

Annual Report 2021-22

Download file [1 MB]


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