Funded Projects

1. Red Squirrels Trust Wales

The Red Squirrels Trust has received £1,000 for the Pine Marten Project. Pine martens contribute to the control of the grey squirrel population and the Trust has already released pine martens in Dyffryn Ogwen for this purpose. To do so is breaking new ground throughout Europe. With the grant the Trust will purchase wildlife cameras that can be loaned to people in the community in order to monitor pine marten movements in the area. In doing so, it aims to connect individuals of all ages with the environment so that people get to know the area's wildlife better. The movements of other animals such as red squirrels, foxes and polecats will also be visible, contributing to our knowledge of mammal movements in the Ogwen Valley. The images can be shared on social media so that others locally, nationally and internationally become familiar with the wildlife of Dyffryn Ogwen. To learn more about the Bele'r Coed Project and to express an interest in volunteering visit the website.

2. Bethesda Rugby Club Biodiversity Grant

Bethesda Rugby Club sits within 4 hectares of playing fields, surrounded by trees and adjacent to Afon Ogwen. Elusen Ogwen has provided a grant for the club to increase the biodiversity and wildlife of the area by planting approximately 400 native trees and the provision of over 50 bird and bat boxes.

3. Bethesda Rugby Club Carbon Reduction Grant

Elusen Ogwen has provided a grant for the club to increase the energy efficiency of the downstairs area which is used by over 20 sports and activity groups. The grant will be used to install motion sensors which will switch lights off when rooms are unoccupied as well as push button taps to prevent water being wasted.

4 Reducing plastic waste in Bethesda

Ogwen Di-Plastig aims to work with local businesses and schools to increease awareness about the impact of using and then throwing away plastic. Elusen Ogwen has funded a trial whereby local takeaways in Bethesda will replace plastic food trays with compostable containers.

5. Vets Shed Gwynedd Solar Water Heating

Vets Shed Gwynedd was formed in December 2019 and officially opened in Bethesda in 2021. They provide a safe environment for serving and ex-service men and women and members of the community, where materials can be upcycled or repurposed instead of being sent to landfill. Elusen Ogwen has part funded an innovative project using a solar water heating system which will use filtered rainwater to provide bath and shower facilities on the site.

6. Cylch Meithrin Tregarth

Elusen Ogwen has funded a project at Cylch Methrin Tregarth to expand their outdoor area. This will enhance childrens' understanding about the natural world - local plants, flowers and birds. The children will love learning about planting and growing food in the greenhouse such as tomatoes and lettuce. This will help them understand where food comes from and may in the future help them and their families to do similar things in their own homes. In addition, the children will be developing new skills in gardening that will help their development.

7. Snowdonia Donkeys

Snowdonia Donkeys ( was established in 2013 to promote health and well-being through working and walking with donkeys in the local environment of north Wales. The charity approached Elusen Ogwen in 2022 and we are pleased to have awarded them a grant which will enable them to fit a solar panel and battery storage on their site in Tregarth. At present the site has no electricity supply and the panel and battery will help provide lighting during the evenings and winter months, as well as being a source of electricity for heating and refreshments for volunteers and clients.

8. North Wales Wildlife Trust

Elusen Ogwen has part funded a project that will be making improvements at The Spinnies nature reserve. Our contribution to the project will enable a range of bird feeders and nesting boxes to be placed around the reserve.

9. Parc Moch

Parc Moch is woodland just outside Bethesda. It is used to help educate children about the natural environment and sustainability, and to provide activities that can help adults improve their mental health. We have provided a grant of approximately £750 to enable improvements to the shelter to be made as well as the creation of a rainwater catchment system.

10. School Uniforms Project

Petha, a new venture in Dyffryn Ogwen has developed an innovative scheme to enable school uniforms to be washed, ironed, sorted according to size and passed on to other children in the area. Elusen Ogwen has funded the purchase of the bags which have been used to distribute the new uniforms.

11. Food & Bushcraft Club

Bwyd am Byth CHC has been working with schools and care homes for the few years, providing gardening activities and education around growing and eating healthy food. Funding from Elusen Ogwen helped establish Food and Bushcraft' Summer holiday sessions, offering a diverse combination of forest school and gardening activities to enrich social, educational and environmental activities for young people in the Bethesda area.


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