Balchder Bro Ogwen

Community groups such as Balchder Bro Ogwen are a brilliant example of how the local community can join together to raise awareness and make an environmental difference to their area. Volunteering on a litter pick within the community is a valuable experience that has a positive effect on our environment.

In addition to clearing rubbish, Balchder Bro Ogwen has been placing hanging baskets along Bethesda High Street in the past few years. The group is happy to welcome new members and are eager to work with the Council and other groups on a number of exciting new projects to make Dyffryn Ogwen a nicer place to live.

If you would like to suggest a spot that needs to be cleared in the Bethesda area, contact Paul Rowlinson on 01248 605365. Balcher Bro Ogwen is open to every one of all ages that would like to contribute to improving the area and make it more attractive.


Phone 01248 605365


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