Carneddau Sheepfolds

There are over 3000 sheepfolds in north-west Wales and many of them are concentrated on or around the Carneddau. The large, multi-cell, sheepfolds are unique to this area and many date back to the eighteenth century, when sheep farming on the uplands really started. Many are still used today and if you are lucky to see one of the annual 'gatherings', when the sheep are taken off the mountainside and herded into one of the sheepfolds, it's a sight you will never forget.

I have created a website which looks at the functions of the sheepfolds, how old they are, where they are and which includes a gallery of over 50 aerial pictures. Please visit and if you have any comments, or information to share, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Nigel Beidas


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