Dyffryn Ogwen’s first Climate Assembly

I was a little nervous in coming along to Dyffryn Ogwen’s first Community Assembly on the Climate
as I wasn’t sure what to expect. However on arriving my worries quickly abated as it was really well
organised and everyone was really friendly. There are 50 assembly members in total, people from all
over the Dyffryn. I was relieved to find that many of the other people attending shared my initial
Whilst I speak some Welsh, I am by no means fluent so I was a little worried about whether I would
understand as the day was delivered predominantly in Welsh. My concerns were unfounded though
as the translation service was amazing and although it took a bit of concentration I was able to
follow everything.
The day began with presentations; a presentation from Professor Gareth Wyn Jones who spoke
about the data and science behind the climate emergency and suggested some practical solutions,
and another by Meleri Davies and Huw Davies from Partneriaeth Ogwen who spoke about
Partneriaeth Ogwen’s projects and activities, from community ownership ventures to green
transport initiatives.
After the presentations to set the scene and explaining what to expect we were asked to work in
groups to explore some questions relating to the climate emergency with a facilitator assisting each
It was fascinating hearing the diverse experiences and backgrounds of the other people on my table
and despite having some differing views I found the conversations we struck up lively and thought
provoking. There were clearly some very experienced and knowledgeable individuals attending but it
still felt like my opinion was valued and I left the day feeling inspired and positive.
I’m really looking forward to attending the next session and to find out more about the other
delegates. There were some interesting avenues for investigation raised by the various groups
throughout the day so it will be good to see if we can progress with them as the sessions continue.
Attending the assembly has also given me fresh enthusiasm in exploring ways to reduce my carbon
footprint. I am currently borrowing an e-bike and trailer from Beics Ogwen as a trial to use for food
shopping with the intention of reducing the number of car journeys I make, and I’ve been really
pleasantly surprised at how easy they are to use. I would really recommend them to anyone thinking
of having a go.
I’m so pleased to have been given the opportunity to attend these sessions and believe together we
can take positive steps in the right directions.
If you would like to hear more about GwyrddNi’s Community Assemblies on the Climate and to
follow the latest developments from the assembly here in Dyffryn Ogwen visit www.gwyrddni.cymru
and you can also follow GwyrddNi on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
This blog was written by Dee Doddington Mizen lives in Maes Bleddyn near Rachub with her 8yr old
son and partner. She splits her time between working as an artist using sustainable and eco friendly
materials and for a local construction company.
She loves gardening and spends much of her spare time at the allotments at Gardd Ffrancon as part
of the Dyffryn Gwyrdd project and enjoys walking and biking in the local area. Although not

originally from this part of the world she has spent many years living here and adores the location
and sense of community that Bethesda offers, and feels proud to call this place home.’


Dyffryn Ogwen’s first Climate Assembly
Dyffryn Ogwen’s first Climate Assembly


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