Lleisiau Lleol Dyffryn Ogwen

Lleisiau Lleol Dyffryn Ogwen was established in 2023, as part of a collaboration between Partneriaeth Ogwen and Carneddau Landscape Partnership.

Developed alongside ‘Lleisiau Carneddau’, Lleisiau Lleol Dyffryn Ogwen is a growing collection of oral history collected by volunteers through a series of audio and video interviews. Our collection also contains lectures, talks and discussions which are pertinent to Dyffryn Ogwen.

Here is the link to our site: https://www.casgliadywerin.cymru/discover/query/Lleisiau%20lleol%20Dyffryn%20Ogwen%20

There is a wealth of resources available to learn more about Dyffryn Ogwen:

The Hanes Dyffryn Ogwen website contains hundreds of interesting historical articles pertaining to Dyffryn Ogwen by local historians John Ll Williams and Lowri W Williams.


Nigel Beidas’ website Corlannau is also a very interesting resource looking at the history of sheepfolds on the Carneddau: https://www.cofnodicorlannau.org/corlannaur-carneddau-sheepfolds

Previous editions of Llais Ogwan, the local paper, are available here: http://www.llaisogwan.com/

Ogwen.360.cymru is a local news site written by Dyffryn Ogwen residents.

If you would like more information about Lleisiau Lleol Dyffryn Ogwen, please contact gofod@ogwen.org



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Lleisiau Lleol Dyffryn Ogwen
Lleisiau Lleol Dyffryn Ogwen


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