Celf Llechen / Slate Art

It may be come as a surprise, but at Slate Art we make things with slate!
We bring a contemporary and fun approach to working with a material often considered quite mundane.
All of our products are unique.
Indeed, no two pieces can ever be the same as we work by hand and each individual piece of rock has its own textures, colours and idiosyncrasies.

The majority of our slate is Welsh, but we occasionally use other sources for contrast or specific features. The source is always clearly identified.​

We are based in Bethesda, the home of Welsh slate.
​We use traditional hand-working methods to create imaginative objects for the home and workspace.
Our inspiration comes from the world around us, the beautiful landscape of Eryri and the textures and colours of the materials we use.

We respect our environment and operate a minimum impact and waste policy.

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Business Name Celf Llechen / Slate Art
Contact Name Dave Stephen
Phone +441286672472
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Celf Llechen / Slate Art
Celf Llechen / Slate Art
Celf Llechen / Slate Art


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