Isaac Griffiths Upholstery

Isaac Griffiths Upholstery is based in the village of Rachub in the Ogwen Valley. I have been trading for a couple of years, based at home in my little workshop.

I trained as an upholsterer a few years ago, with the aim of restoring and giving new life to beloved furniture, which may have been in the family for many years and have sentimental memories linked to them.

My passion is to reupholster and renovate old and vintage furniture, but I will take on modern furniture, if at all possible.

It can take time to bring furniture to life, so the process can be a little time consuming, and if I can utilise traditional techniques, I will give the furniture a heritage feel and look. I also like to use traditional materials, which are more than often organic and much kinder to the environment and it allows the furniture to recover again for the future, extending the life of the furniture for many years to come.

Over the past few years my skills working with old wooden furniture have caused me to learn new skills, such as joinery and wood restoration, as many furniture items will have become a little worse for wear and a little bit of tender loving care to the woodwork can bring them back to life, giving many years of pleasure.

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Business Name Isaac Griffiths Upholstery

3 Water Street
LL57 3EU

Contact Name Isaac Griffiths
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Isaac Griffiths Upholstery
Isaac Griffiths Upholstery
Isaac Griffiths Upholstery
Isaac Griffiths Upholstery
Isaac Griffiths Upholstery
Isaac Griffiths Upholstery


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